Московский семинар по биоинформатике - 1 июля 2013

Понедельник, 1 июля 2013, 18.00
МГУ, Лаб. корпус Б (факультет биоинженерии и биоинформатики), к. 221.

E. Kolker
Seattle Children's Research Institute

Proteomes in Profile

These days, large volumes of high-throughput mass spectrometry proteomics studies are routinely conducted. The studies are ultimately aimed at better understanding biological processes by studying proteomes' profiles. However, the size and complexity of proteomics data hinders efforts to easily share, integrate, query, and compare such profiles. We will overview our recent developments addressing these challenges, including the creation of MOPED (Model Organism Protein Expression Database, moped.proteinspire.org). MOPED focuses on answering four fundamental questions:
1. Which proteins are identified and where (organisms, tissues, localizations, pathways)?
2. How much of each protein is identified (relative and absolute expression)?
3. How does the knowledge of your current experiment compare to existing information?
4. How does this knowledge guide your next (experimental or computational) study?