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Many pages on this site are just brief notes on one question. Don't blame me if you'll find them well-known or dull, better help to improve it :)  I'll appreciate if you share your thoughts or questions in comments or on site's forum. Also I'll readily publish your notes on bioinformatics and related things.

Developers may find useful my experience in integrating Perl and R. Here's also my comments about daily problems of bioinformatician.

Perl programmers may take a look to printing complex data structures, helps a lot for debugging. There's a note about writing multi-threaded Perl scripts for Windows.

In Data Analysis section you can find things about R language. For example - debugging and description of misc useful tricks and packages. There's a review about exploratory data analysis and pattern recognition using mass- spectrometry data as an example (that's what I routinely do)

In Services section you can use original software: online tool for counting frequencies and significance of n-mers; freely download library for segmentation of frequency histograms.

Tutorials in probability and statistics are rather long and presented by Using Bayes's formula in statistics, Estimation of event probability by it's frequency , Pearson Chi-square distance, Finding heterogeneity(clusters) in data.

I'm planning to write a brief survey of application SVM RFE in machine learning and a note about interactive graphics in R.

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